Reverse Image Searching – Just some random images

I had originally password protected this post, as it just contained some images Rae Baker and I had used during our Layer8 OSINT training class (which was an amazing OSINT training by the OSINT Curious team). Each image can be found using a different technique and/or search engine. So, for everyone that felt they were missing out on a new article or feared I’ve introduced some kind of subscription model: Key Findings will remain a free blog and as I’m currently taking a break from the interwebs and social media, I won’t be posting anything soon. Don’t worry I’ll be back with new exciting projects and posts in the future!

Until then, just try your luck on geo-locating these images, identifying the people displayed here, cropping sections of the images or using the OCR functionality of Bing and Yandex. Just upload each image to each search engine and see how the results differ.

And before I forget, there is an ‘easter egg’ hidden somewhere within these images.









One thought on “Reverse Image Searching – Just some random images

  1. salut, je voudrais savoir la technique pour trouver geo de image avec batimens industriel noir et blanc. je tout trouver a part cette photo. merci par avance


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