Finding Facebook Profiles through Phone Numbers

Although previously posted by me on another blog, I’ve decided to add it here as well.

Unfortunately Facebook has removed the feature to find other Facebook users by searching for their phone number directly in Facebook. However, you can still do it by using the Facebook Messenger app, provided the phone number is linked to a Facebook account.

If you’d like to do this on your PC or Laptop, you can use an Android emulation such as Bluestacks to get the Messenger app running. As the Messenger requires a phone number to register, feel free to use a burner phone or a website which enables you to receive free text messages (SMS) if you just want to try this out without linking it to any of your personal accounts.

The Messenger app does not require an existing Facebook account for login. (But we are pretty sure Facebook will create a ‚ghost account‘ for you.) Of course you’ll have to allow access to your contacts.

As soon as all of this is set up, just add the phone number you’re trying to look up to your contacts and the Messenger app will inform you if this number is linked to any Facebook account. It will even provide the Facebook profile picture, general information such as the person’s employer and location as well as the Facebook UserID (the name, not the number).

The following screenshot shows a typical result after adding a phone number to the Messenger (or to the contacts in your phone).


Voilá, the person you were looking for has a Facebook account!

Have fun trying this out.

Matthias Wilson / 14.08.2018

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